Water: The Foundation of Life

One of the few things we cannot live without, water is the most crucial aspect of sustaining life on earth, along with oxygen, light, and a few other things.  It’s in the air we breathe, the grass we stand on, even the cells that make up our bodies and every other living thing!  Here I’ll give some of the qualities and properties of the liquid of life.

A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.  The hydrogen atoms that bond with the oxygen atom lose an electron each to the oxygen.  This in turn gives the hydrogen atoms a slight positive charge and the oxygen atom a slight negative charge.  Due to this fact, water molecules have polarity.  This is why sugar, salt, and many other things are able to dissolve in water.  It is because the polarity of the water molecules pull atoms of the solubles away from their molecules.  Since water is able to dissolve so many kinds of molecules, it was given the name: the universal solvent.

Water as adhesion and cohesion.  Adhesion is why water sticks to things, making them wet. It’s why water is able to be brought up through the trunk of a tree, even to the topmost leaves.  Water’s cohesion means its molecules stick together allowing support to water-bugs, paperclips, and other light objects without letting them sink.  Things are able to float on water if they are less dense than it.  Like a surfboard.  If an object is denser than water, it sinks.  Like a rock.  We sink if we don’t swim or hold our breath underwater.  The reason for this is because air is less dense than water.  When we hold our breath underwater, the air in us exerts force upward, counteracting the density of our bodies and gravity.

Here are some facts and properties of water that are so important to us and nearly all living things.


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