Business Opportunity Which Most Intrigued Me

The business opportunity which very much intrigued me was lawn care.  Having experience with lawn care is essential to starting a business based on it, being something I have.  I consider lawn care such as mowing and trimming and weeding not too tedious.  The neighborhood around mows lawns, leading naturally to the conclusion that lawn care ought to be what I should do to make money off of.  Outside-work is something I have been acquainted with which made this opportunity stand out from the others.

Auto detailing was a close second, if not a tie.  Being a mild perfectionist, I also considered this option.  It seemed to me that around my neighborhood people don’t care about the cleanliness of their vehicles very much.  This endangered the quality of the opportunity in my opinion.  But on the other hand, the fact that the automobiles aren’t as well-groomed as others may be due to their owner’s lack of noticing it.  If everyone else’s vehicles are dirty, then one vehicle won’t seem so bad compared to another.  These hypotheses conflict with one another which make this opportunity a hard choice.

The two options above are closely related in terms of cleaning.  They are both viable options and both are jobs I would enjoy doing in order to get payment for the services.  Lawn care is something I have done many times and auto detailing is a task which falls under my expertise of doing carefully and efficiently, not that lawn care is a job I wouldn’t try to do as well.  In the end, the two opportunities intrigued me equally.


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