This week’s essay for business required me to write about my favorite business opportunity for that week.  Blogging most interested me.

Blogging as a business opportunity interested me because it is easy to do.  A good blogger writes about his or her passions and interests.  For example, someone who is passionate about gardening and wants to blog should base their blog on gardening.  Not overall outdoor hobbies.  Gardening.  Gardeners who search for tips and tricks of the trade might discover the blog, leading to more followers, likes, comments, and customer advertisement on media like Facebook and Twitter.  In turn, this gives the blogger more advertisement and promotion opportunities, eventually racking up profits.  One who blogs should post at least once a week.

As a side effort, a blogger could promote products from sites like, which can potentially produce lucrative results.  Promoting products and services should be done honestly, and the promoter should have tested the product or service.  But a blogger should be wary of posting too many links, or else search engines might blacklist the site.

A blogger has several platforms on which they can build their site.  WordPress and Weebly are popular choices.  The blogger should consider hosting their site, giving them their own domain name.  Though is free, it has serious limitations on plugins and tools needed for a first-rate blog. is the upgrade and opens up a wide range of beneficial directions on which to take a site.

Blogging can be a fun way to earn money by writing and posting about what you love.  And now it’s easier than ever to build your own website.  One used to have to be a tech genius to do what we can today.


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