Public Domain Books

My writing assignment for this week was: review the business opportunities covered this week. Write a 250 word essay on the business opportunity which most intrigued you.

This week’s opportunity that most intrigued me was public domain books.  Public domain books are literary works of authors who have been dead for 70 years.  The works are free to the public.  How does one make money using public domain books?  By adding one’s own information to the book through annotations, illustrations, forewards, etc.  This way, one can republish the book and sell it on places like as an e-book or print book.  It is harder to get one’s book on bookstore shelves than on sites like

Making money off of public domain books seems to me like an easy job.  All one has to do is add at least ten illustrations to the book and it qualifies for republishing.  Afterward, that person can post it on his own site ,, etc. as an e-book and sell it for a couple dollars, which could eventually rack up hundreds, even thousands of dollars, given enough people buy it.  Books from authors who died on or before 1923 are completely free and public domain now, and can be accessed by anyone.  This presents a massive opportunity for a businessperson looking at publishing public domain books.

As a conclusion, publishing public domain books is a capital opportunity since it is so easy to obtain them.  The internet makes it quicker and simpler than ever in history to start a business, public domain books being just one of the possibilities.


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