Video and Audio Production

This week’s business essay was, again, on my most intriguing business opportunity for the week.  I had two favorites this week: video production was my favorite along with audio production because they go together in my opinion.

Video production for businesses includes making commercials in the form of ads, YouTube videos and presentations.  It’s a complex opportunity that requires skill in the art of filming.  Angles and motion both play a role in producing a quality commercial that flaunts the product or service in a way that appeals to the viewers.  Let us not forget that along with skills are tools.  Outdated cameras can ruin a commercial, even one that is scripted and shot very well.  A good commercial should be shot with a relatively new camera.

Audio production is all about producing effective yet pleasing scripts and quality editing and post-production.  Just as video production needs good skills and tools, audio production needs the same.  An audio producer should have a considerably good microphone, sound booth, and headset, to complete his job.  Afterwards, the editor can cut, splice, or blend the sounds.  If the jobs are done right, an effective commercial or radio ad can attract many new customers.

In conclusion, video and audio production intrigued me because they require a moderate amount of skill and tools, but balancing this the end product can induce a high ROI, that is, Return On Investment.  Simply put, the amount of time and money injected into the project can grow the business so that the income far outweighs the investment in the project.



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