Taxonomy, the classification of living things, is complicated yet it is also very helpful. When naming an animal, the taxonomist using two names.  Say you found a new species of dog.  A taxonomist gives it two names: Canus (dog), and the next one is its own name. Taxonomy is helpful for people, especially scientists and other people who study the animal kingdom, because without it, everyone would have a different name for the same animal.

However, the biologist who names a species shouldn’t have his word taken as the absolute truth.  There can always be unforeseen complications not yet noticed by the taxonomist and they might just be renaming an already named species.  For example, a bird hatched her eggs.  One of them developed a mutation inside the egg.  It grew up to look different than its siblings.  Then some biologist who might see could think he found a new species and rename an already named bird.  Now, of course, one can’t just name a “new” species on the spot.  He must present facts like photos or video to an the bird association he belongs to or capture the subject and present it to them.

Taxonomy is good not just for those “super intelligent” people, but also for your animal hobbyist who enjoys a nice afternoon on a walk looking at the wildlife around him or her, like my friend, Luke.


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